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Mujibnagar Khabor is one the registered online newspaper in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Government has approved only few online newspaper to be registered, Mujibnagar Khabor is one of them. Mujibnagar Khabor’s Bangladesh Government approved registration number is 06/13, date is 08/04/2016.
Mujibnagar Khabor one of the popular news media in Bangladesh, especially for young people. We publish latest news, international news, local news, financial news, politics news, agricultural news, sports news, educational news, weather news etc. both in English and Bangla language.
Mujibnagar Khabor always share latest news, updated news, even live news of Facebook live and YouTube live, to make our readers more updated, as always. We collect news from our district correspondence, reports etc. from the primary source, even we collect news from secondary sources like other national newspapers, local newspapers, and international newspapers even from television channels’ news.
Mujibnagar Khabor domain registered on 18th February, 2014, domain is now on Google Domains and website hosted on Google Cloud (Blogger). About 20 to 30 thousand of readers/visitors Mujibnagar Khabor gets each month. Readers maximum are from all over the Bangladesh, we have few visitors from other countries, especially where is the Bangali people.
Our Editor and Publisher is Mohosin Ali Angur, he is also works at Meherpur Paura College as Vice Principle. Editorial Advisor is Nasir Uddin. Executive Editor is Ashfarul Hasan Sumon, and News Editor is Munshi Jahangir Zinnat. Mujibnagar Khabor’s head quarter is on Sabdar Ali Market, Bara Bazar, Meherpur. Mobile Number: +8801905-406298, Email Address: editor@mujibnagarkhabor.com and website address: www.mujibnagarkhabor.com

Mohosin Ali Angur
Mohosin Ali Angur
Editor and Publisher
Munshi Jahangir Zinnat
News Editor
Ashfarul Hasan Sumon
Executive Editor