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» » Trump, rallying in Kentucky, blasts Dems' 'chilling lust for power'

  Trump, rallying in Kentucky, blasts Dems' 'chilling lust for power'

Trump speaks on immigration, MS-13
President Trump makes remarks on immigration laws, family separation at his Make America Great Again rally in Kentucky.

During a campaign rally in Richmond, Kentucky, Saturday night, President Trump spoke before a crown in support of Republican Rep. Andy Barr and slammed Democrats, at one point accusing the party of being "totally consumed by their chilling lust for power."

Barr, who has held his seat in Congress for three terms, is going head-to-head with Democrat Amy McGrath in midterm voting next month.

If Democrats win seats in the upcoming midterm elections and take office, "all they'll do is obstruct," Trump said, while touting the country's status under his party.

"Under Republican leadership, America is booming, it’s thriving. America is winning again because we are finally putting America first," Trump said.

When people head to the polls in November, he said the country "faces a simple choice."

"You can either vote for Democrat mob rule or you can vote for a Republican Party that stands proudly for law and order, fairness, freedom and justice," he said.

Over the course of the rally, the president was joined on stage by Barr, who he said was "a great man" and "a great congressman," and fellow Republican Kentucky lawmakers Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Mitch McConnell. Trump praised Paul and McConnell for supporting Brett Kavanaugh all through his nomination process for the Supreme Court, despite sexual misconduct allegations against him. Kavanaugh denied the accusations.

Of Kavanaugh, who was sworn in to the nation's highest court last weekend, Trump said that "never has a man been treated so badly."

"What the crazy, radical Democrats did to Justice Kavanaugh is a national disgrace," Trump said. "They were on a mission to obstruct, resist, delay, demolish and destroy. The Democrats have become totally consumed by their chilling lust for power."

Trump kicked off the rally saying that earlier Saturday, "we celebrated another tremendous victory" when he "welcomed home" recently freed American pastor Andrew Brunson, who visited the Oval Office earlier Saturday.

Brunson was released from house arrest in Turkey on Friday after being imprisoned since October 2016 over alleged ties to an outlawed group.

The arrest was part of a crackdown on a failed coup against Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s government.

Pastor Brunson freed from Turkish imprisonment
Pastor Brunson freed from Turkish imprisonment
A Turkish judge on Friday ordered the pastor freed after sentencing him to time served on terror and treason charges.

Trump said Brunson was now back in the U.S. with his family and thanked Erdogan, adding that the two countries will likely "establish a terrific relationship."

In continuing his attack on Democrats, Trump claimed that they want to get rid of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and "want to turn America into a giant sanctuary for criminal aliens and MS-13 thugs."

"Republicans believe our country should be a sanctuary for law abiding Americans, not criminal aliens," Trump said. "Republicans stand proudly with the heroes of ICE and border patrol and law enforcement."

The U.S. has "the dumbest immigration laws in the world," Trump said, adding that "we're getting them changed."

"We need some more Republicans, we need some votes," he said.

Ahead of the rally, Trump backed Barr on Twitter, calling him a “fantastic guy.”

Donald J. Trump

 Heading to the Great State of Kentucky - Big Rally for Congressman Andy Barr - Fantastic guy, need his vote for MAGA! Strong on Crime, Tax Cuts, Military, Vets & 2nd A. His opponent will NEVER vote for us, only for Pelosi. Andy has my Strongest Endorsement!!! See you in Kentucky.

11:52 PM - Oct 13, 2018
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“Strong on Crime, Tax Cuts, Military, Vets & 2nd A,” the tweet said. “His opponent will NEVER vote for us, only for Pelosi. Andy has my Strongest Endorsement!!! See you in Kentucky.”

The Democratic Party has focused on Barr’s seat in its drive to regain control of the House. Former Vice President Joe Biden rallied for McGrath on Friday in Owingsville, stressing the significance of the midterm vote.

“This election is bigger than politics,” he said.

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